Kids 2019

Unique. High Quality.

This collection also contains new colours and innovative designs. A lovely and utterly cuddly ghost is one of the highlights of the new season. We present an abundance of new motives true to our motto ‘cosy, not cheesy’: An affectionate unshaved bear captures our hearts as just as much as his friend, the lop-eared cuddly bunny. The trendy Llama, which also makes a striking impression in the nursery, is also on the fun.

Our maritime motives from last season receive a breath of fresh air with numerous new and sweet designs: Play mat whale, a small shark, and many fluffy paper boats.

We are also setting new standards in terms of allowing current trendy colours like gold and brown to influence our kid’s collection. We also utilise two-coloured-monochrome visuals for many of our products: Straightforward design for today’s cool kids …

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