BASIC 2020

Unique. High Quality.

As always, our BASIC collection connects current trends and innovative products with our bestsellers. True to the motto ‘simply the best’.
We successfully launched our recycling products DAVID (bedding) as well as GOLIATH (carpets) and made them an integral part of our portfolio – sustainability as a trend to live by!

We address another crucial trend with the basic collection – literally, back to the basics. In a time of uncertainty, we like to remember the cosiness of the good old days and surround us with calm and inviting aesthetics. For this, the style-defining bows and curves of the Art Deco are essential elements.

Long-pile quality, as well as soft and fluffy looks, exude sensual warmth. The velour/velvet-like elegance, look, and touch of the new quality VIENNA is underlined skilfully by the mottled fringed border – finally, fringes at David Fussenegger! Fringes can also be found in our traditional collections and embellish our alpine classics with a touch of glamour.

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