KIDS 2020

Unique. High Quality.

Our little ones are making a massive comeback! Whether that is the kingdom of wild animals or the fantasy world of superheroes – the KIDS-catalogue offers inspiration in abundance.

Kids will quickly become immersed in distant lands, snuggle with friendly tigers, brave lions and cuddly snakes in the jungle as they play on the new kids rugs of the GOLIATH range.

Long-forgotten dinosaurs come to life, cute lamas on blankets, capes, or hot water bottles make every girl’s heart leap. The beautifully highlighted and colour-coordinated design has instant appeal and delights young and old alike.

Transform into ‘Superboy’ and ‘Supergirl’ and save our world without ever leaving the children’s room! Even every ‘Superkid’ needs to unwind now and then. That is when they need the sloth to enjoy a relaxing moment.

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