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Much more than a place – being home is always defined by an extraordinary feeling. Sit back, come home, rest within yourself. This feeling is evoked nowhere else but here. What makes us so proud? The fact that we can be a part of home by sharing our passion for textiles since 1832.

Welcome to David Fussenegger. Welcome home.

Every crisis bears an opportunity – picnic blankets made for the regional project “Vorarlberg Culture Picnic”

Altach, 22 June 2020

Due to the ongoing corona-pandemic and the lockdown which followed many local cultural events had to be cancelled as a consequence.

The Bodensee-Vorarlberg tourism has therefore initiated the project „Vorarlberg Culture Picnic“ in cooperation with the platform Kultur & Tourismus and Vorarlberg Tourism.

From July until September 2020 artists of all genres are given a stage to perform and present a cultural summer program to both locals and visitors.

Joining in with the Vorarlberg Tourism Association we have developed and manufactured a picnic blanket and snack bag in record time.

We feel very honoured and proud to be part of this project which –  judging by all the positive reactions  – has been extraordinarily well received so far.

Quality made in Austria

Since 1832

 David Fussenegger has had a brilliant past since 1832 and a visibly great future lies ahead. Based in the heart of Europe, we  produce a wide variety of products to the highest ecological and social standards at our headquarters in Altach, located in the west of Austria.

We are specialised in unique jacquard woven and brushed lifestyle products for your home. Our company stands for the highest quality as well as the conservation of resources. We have managed to produce a wide range of products from recycled cotton. It is our goal and duty to reduce our CO2 emissions, but most importantly, conserve our planet by means of recycling and ecological investments.

Pillows, blankets, throws & home accessories

Feel at home

Where do we feel most comfortable, and what do we consider our home? Is it our sofa or our bed, where we spend our hours and days? Here at David Fussenegger, we have made it our goal to transform your beloved surroundings, in which you spend many hours, into an oasis of comfort and improve your quality of life with the help of our throws, pillows and home accessories. Allow yourself to be seduced by our cuddly products, as well as our latest designs and colours ‘Made in Austria’.

Feel at home, feel good with David Fussenegger

Manufactured in Austria

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