Your unique home.

Your unique home.

Feels like home.

Much more than a place – being home is always defined by an extraordinary feeling. Sit back, come home, rest within yourself. This feeling is evoked nowhere else but here. What makes us so proud? The fact that we can be a part of home by sharing our passion for textiles since 1832. Welcome to David Fussenegger. Welcome home.

Quality from Austria. And by tradition.

David Fussenegger has had a brilliant past since 1832 and an apparent great future lying ahead. We are in the heart of Europe and produce a wide variety of products to the highest ecological and social standards at our headquarters in Altach, located in the west of Austria

With the idea that no two homes are the same, we have been making distinctive interior products that accompany every day and every moment. All the things you need to feel completely at ease.

Processing high quality recycled yarns.

We take care of the rest. Something is always being left over: What you might be familiar with from tailoring clothes yourself is no different in the large, industrial manufacture of textiles. But what to do with the high-quality remnants that are still too valuable to be disposed of?

At David Fussenegger, we clearly have an answer to this question: we simply return the remnants to the cycle and turn them into individual, high-quality home textiles for “your unique home”.

Highest Design Standards.

Inspired by the latest trends from Paris, Milan and New York, we create six collections a year that include timeless and alpine patterns, as well as cutting-edge designs. This allows us to ensure that our designs fit into every home – in line with our guiding principle “your unique home”.

We are particularly proud to have been awarded with the German Design Award 2023, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries.

Manufactured in Austria

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