No home like the other.

Arrived. At the beginning still a new place, then at some point the center of lice. So many memories, countless moments. Each part now makes a whole. No other place in the world is like this. After all, everything happens here.

Reside. Not ordinary, but natural, with individuality and expression.

Since 1832, with the idea that no two homes are the same, we have been making distinctive interior products that accompany every day and every moment. All the things you need to feel completely at ease.

David Fussenegger. Your unique home.

The favorite place

„I could be years away from home and still know exactly what my favorite place feels like. The afternoon light, the sounds outside. How the old wood creaks to life around me as it is warmed by the sun. Every little detail. The only thing I forget here often enough is the time. That doesn’t happen to me anywhere else.“

Your unique home.

The grandparents

„My grandparents loved the mountains. On weekends and if the weather was suitable, they would climb peaks way beyond the tree line, reaching heights that I could never ever imagine myself being able to. To them it seemed more like a walk in the park! I think that neither one of them has ever experienced the feeling of dizziness in their lives.“

Your unique home.

The tile

„Growing up at home I remember a wood burning tile stove being the centerpiece of our living room. To us kids this stove was the center of our universe during the cold seasons. After having spent hours outside tobogganing, chilled to the bone we would return home and sit around the stove all cuddled up and comforted by the heat the stove was emitting. Those memories have taught me at a very tender age what home means to me. Eventually the stove had to be torn down. I was fortunate enough to be able to save one of those dark green tiles as a keepsake. I ended up inaerting it into my living room wall. Now and even though it’s just my imagination, whenever I put the palm of my hand on this particular tile I feel the same warmth we felt back then as kids.“

Your unique home.

The stone steps

„If there was a way, our kitchen would probably tell the most exciting stories out of all places in our home. After all it is the place where we spend the most time with our family and friends, laughing, singing, talking, even arguing. Many problems have been solved around this kitchen table. Maybe it’s because this place has experienced so much in recent decades – the stone steps date back to the Middle Ages and were the actual entrance to the house back in the day. Makes me wonder what our ancestors were laughing, singing, talking or arguing about.“

Your unique home.

The right place

„Sometimes it’s the mere sound of my neighbours’ footsteps on the old wooden stairs which make me fall asleep. Other times it could be reading a book. However, I never manage to read more than four or five pages before I nod off, no matter how suspenseful it might be. There were times when I was having troubles falling asleep – today I sleep like a log. And every morning after I wake up I clearly remember every dream I had. Clearly the bed has been placed in the perfect spot in our home.“

Your unique home.

The wooden floor

„The sofa in the living room might be really stylish and comfortable, but let’s be honest: in reality we prefer lounging around on the aged wooden floor. We knew that the floor needed work done when it caved in after the carpenter stepped on it. While removing the planks we even found old tools underneath. They must be at least 100 years old we figured. Too bad the floor is unable to tell stories. Although… sometimes it actually does if you listen closely.“

Your unique home.

The brand

Since 1832

It is our mission to support end consumers in the individual design of their homes. With our products, every home becomes unique – in line with our guiding principle “your unique home”.

Not only the world, but also our collection is in constant change. One thing that remains are our values – unmistakably inspiring, high-quality designs on honest materials, designed and manufactured in Vorarlberg, Austria.


Quality from Austria

And by tradition.

David Fussenegger has had a brilliant past since 1832 and an apparent great future lying ahead. We are in the heart of Europe and produce a wide variety of products to the highest ecological and social standards at our headquarters in Altach, located in the west of Austria. We are specialized in distinctive jacquard-woven home textiles of the highest quality. Our sense of responsibility is expressed in the conservation of resources and in ecological investments – everything to contribute to lower Co2 emissions and protect our planet. We are following this path with a large number of products made from recycled cotton, which we manufacture using an innovative process. All with one goal: to make every home a unique home.