The perfect choice, any time of the year

Our goal is to support you in embellishing your oasis of well-being. We also strive to be up with the latest trends when it comes to balancing tradition and modernity.

With our six collections each year, we are showing the diversity of our range and want to capture our customers.

Our Basic and Kids collections are available throughout the year and are made up of a mix of trendy and timeless designs. Our Summer collection is released at the same time, which welcomes the start into the new year with summery products and vibrant colours. Just before summer kicks in, our Autumn/Winter collection is released, which mesmerises with modern and alpine styles. Our Xmas collection prepares for Christmas with traditional designs and playful motives. The Pets collection is traditionally part of the Basic catalogue. However, we also publish all pet products in a separate catalogue. Enjoy browsing through them!

Autumn/Winter 2019

Dark, vibrant, and heavy colours dominate our fall range. They radiate cosiness, elegance, a touch of luxury, and impart a fluffy feel and velvety shine to our blankets and pillows …

Basic 2019

The colours become luscious, darker, and more elegant: a wonderfully warm, luminous gold ochre, a deep mystical dark green and the long overdue and indispensable shade of camel is back! In combination with our rich reds and elegant shades of blue, they …

Kids 2019

This collection also contains new colours and innovative designs. A lovely and utterly cuddly ghost is one of the highlights of the new season. We present an abundance of new motives true to our motto ‘cosy, not cheesy’: An affectionate unshaved bear captures our hearts as just as much as …

Pets 2019

Fluffy blankets, pillows as well as mats for dogs and cats, are a legendary part of our innovative collections. Every single piece mad right here at our in-house production in Vorarlberg, Austria.

X-Mas 2019

This year again we dedicated a separate catalogue to our Christmas collection. This collection will put a twinkle in the eyes of the children and make you feel like a kid again while you cherish our beautiful, playful and dreamy designs …

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