The perfect choice, any time of the year

We see it as our mission to support people in the individual design of their homes. With our products, every home becomes unique. Not only the world, but also our collections are in constant change, but what remains are our core principles – to produce inspiring, high-quality designs for “your unique home”.

With our six collections each year, we are showing the diversity of our range and want to capture our customers.

Our Basic and Kids collections are available throughout the year and are made up of a mix of trendy and timeless designs. Our Spring/Summer collection is released at the same time, which welcomes the start into the new year with summery products and vibrant colours. Just before summer kicks in, our Autumn/Winter collection is released, which mesmerises with modern and alpine styles and furthermore includes a X-MAS Speical. The Pets collection is traditionally part of the Basic catalogue. However, we also publish all pet products in a separate catalogue. Enjoy browsing through them!

In our BASIC collection, bright yellow tones evoke the vibrant energy of spring. Classic earth and beige tones are essential companions, providing a harmonious color balance when combined. Delicate vintage-style floral pattern usher in spring.

Endless Summer: Forever holidays. A strikingly, modern retro design evokes the longing for sun and beach. The sun in bright yellow radiates positivity and optimism: Colorful is the new black. With our playful colors from the new collection, we bring good vibes to every home.

Immerse yourself in a world of bold patterns and subtle nuances that capture the essence of autumn.

Discover our Autumn/Winter collection with geometric patterns, sophisticated contrasts and organic silhouettes. We combine modern trends, timeless elegance and sustainability in every piece.

Our KIDS collection is inspired by the concept of childlike joy and care-freeness. We believe that the so-called „serious side of life“ starts early enough. Our goal is to ignite the imagination in our kids and provide them with cozy moments as they snuggle into exciting adventure worlds.

Introducing our new collection of cozy and stylish pet accessories! Our blankets, mats, and cushions are made of soft, durable cotton and come in a variety of fun designs. Perfect for both cats and dogs, these accessories will keep your furry friend warm and comfortable while adding a touch of personality to your home. Treat your pet to the ultimate comfort and style with our new pets collection!

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