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We see it as our mission to support end consumers in the individual design of their homes. With our products, every home becomes unique. Not only the world, but also our collections are in constant change, but what remains are our core principles – to produce inspiring, high-quality designs using honest materials.

With our six collections each year, we are showing the diversity of our range and want to capture our customers.

Our Basic and Kids collections are available throughout the year and are made up of a mix of trendy and timeless designs. Our Summer collection is released at the same time, which welcomes the start into the new year with summery products and vibrant colours. Just before summer kicks in, our Autumn/Winter collection is released, which mesmerises with modern and alpine styles. Our Xmas collection prepares for Christmas with traditional designs and playful motives. The Pets collection is traditionally part of the Basic catalogue. However, we also publish all pet products in a separate catalogue. Enjoy browsing through them!

Colour is back! After a few seasons of natural and harmonious colour combinations in our collections we are now setting new and brave accents by adding surprisingly bold colours.

Our very successful, wonderfully earthy nude and pastel tones are now being complemented by coral or lavender hues. Those also pair up well with our natural green and give it a whole new twist.

Our Christmas collection celebrates the feeling of a very special and festive season. As always you’ll find a great selection of “touchy-feely” treasures which make perfect gifts for your loved ones but also make (y)our home unique.

Sustainability also takes a big role when it comes to packaging. Our gift bags have been very well received. Now, ready for the upcoming holiday season we are introducing our new reusable gift packaging YUKI Furoshiki-style. The beautifully soft fabric is a sustainable alternative to classic paper wrap.

Basic 2022

With our passion for authentic design and tangible functionality, we are taking on the challenge of helping to shape the future with the new BASIC 2022 collection and are proud to create products that help balance the contrasts of life.

Our rich textures and natural colours can be used to create an authentic and calm atmosphere, while avant-garde contours, modern patterns and fine details add a touch of the unexpected.

Kids 2022

Let’s discover the world together with our KIDS 2022 collection! For children, anything is possible. Brave girls and boys can travel to distant fantasy lands, fly to Mars as an astronaut or confide secrets to mysterious wood elves.

Our playful shapes and motifs that stimulate the imagination invite children and parents to explore the world together.

Pets 2022

Fluffy blankets, pillows as well as mats for dogs and cats, are a legendary part of our innovative collections. Every single piece mad right here at our in-house production in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Besides our continuously growing collection, these products are perfectly coordinated to match the blankets, pillows and textile accessories from our Home collection.

All collections 2022

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