The perfect choice, any time of the year

Our goal is to support you in embellishing your oasis of well-being. We also strive to be up with the latest trends when it comes to balancing tradition and modernity.

With our six collections each year, we are showing the diversity of our range and want to capture our customers.

Our Basic and Kids collections are available throughout the year and are made up of a mix of trendy and timeless designs. Our Summer collection is released at the same time, which welcomes the start into the new year with summery products and vibrant colours. Just before summer kicks in, our Autumn/Winter collection is released, which mesmerises with modern and alpine styles. Our Xmas collection prepares for Christmas with traditional designs and playful motives. The Pets collection is traditionally part of the Basic catalogue. However, we also publish all pet products in a separate catalogue. Enjoy browsing through them!

Basic 2021

“The ordinary gives the world its existence; the extraordinary gives it its value.”
This idea sparked the creation of the new BASIC collection 2021.

As usual, we have focused on our bestsellers and the extensive unicoloured range, around which we have once again designed exciting and innovative themes. This collection also provides the new trendy colours with their rightful place, which complement the classics perfectly.

Summer 2021

Our SUMMER 2021 collection shows off its entire colour palette, inspired by the colours of nature, which have a magical effect on people’s feelings and thoughts.

As a result, we are also more and more focusing on sustainability and recycling.
The successful recycling quality GOLIATH is available as a beach mat, carpet, rug, floor cushion, as well as a practical beach bag. As of this season, the popular NIZZA summer towels will also be made from recycled cotton.

Kids 2021

A marvellous trip around the world with the new KIDS 2021 collection. Playful colour palettes and kid-friendly materials serve to provide a sense of security and belonging while encouraging the little ones to tackle the big things and face the world’s challenges.

As always, our themes are versatile; new patterns are accompanied by an abundance of inspiring, lovingly designed accessory ideas.

Pets 2021

Fluffy blankets, pillows as well as mats for dogs and cats, are a legendary part of our innovative collections. Every single piece mad right here at our in-house production in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Besides our continuously growing collection, these products are perfectly coordinated to match the blankets, pillows and textile accessories from our Home collection.

Autumn/Winter 2021-2022

With soft, organic shapes and neutral, earthy tones ranging from black to light sand, we are moving a step closer to Mother Earth. Gradients and grids, grasses, umbels and flowers, complemented by simple checks and checkerboard patterns, create an authentic and calm atmosphere, while avantgarde shapes, eye-catching patterns and exciting details add a touch of the unexpected. The collection is complemented by our successful traditional Alpine motifs – a classic theme reinterpreted.

X-Mas 2021

Our new X-MAS Collection takes us into the cold season. Outside it is winter: the landscape is covered in snow, icicles hang from the trees and ice crystals form on our windows. With icy fingers and red noses, we seek refuge in our cosy homes. We bring the flair of a winter landscape into the house: welcome to Winter Forest; with trees, pinecones and mushrooms, alongside birds, deer and foxes, snowflakes and ice crystals.

All collections 2021

Some seek inspiration from influencers to always create a hip, distinctive look, others search for peace, purpose and deliberation, especially in our fast-paced world. Topics like sustainability, connection to nature, as well as recycling, have become a trend that affects all types of consumers, designers, and producers, including us. We live the challenge of always having our finger on the pulse of time, discovering new trends, and integrating these into our collections to captivate our clients time and time again.