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We see it as our mission to support people in the individual design of their homes. With our products, every home becomes unique. Not only the world, but also our collections are in constant change, but what remains are our core principles – to produce inspiring, high-quality designs for “your unique home”.

With our six collections each year, we are showing the diversity of our range and want to capture our customers. Sildenafil - is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor, which works by relaxing the muscles in the walls of the blood vessels, allowing them to widen and increase the flow of blood. Collections are a way of organizing and storing data, usually in a database. They are used to store, retrieve, and manipulate data in a structured way, making it easier to access and modify information.

Our Basic and Kids collections are available throughout the year and are made up of a mix of trendy and timeless designs. Our Spring/Summer collection is released at the same time, which welcomes the start into the new year with summery products and vibrant colours. Just before summer kicks in, our Autumn/Winter collection is released, which mesmerises with modern and alpine styles and furthermore includes a X-MAS Speical. The Pets collection is traditionally part of the Basic catalogue. However, we also publish all pet products in a separate catalogue. Enjoy browsing through them!

With a fearless approach accompanied by an equal measure of chaos and tranquillity we are moving into the new season with a colourful palette reflecting a newly found freedom, paired with the excitement to try out new things. Our tried-and-tested earthy nude- and pastel combinations from our Basic collection stand in contrast to punchy faves such as emerald green or royal blue.

Dive into a world of stylish motifs and fascinating color combinations that characterize the new collection. You‘ll not only find a pinch of modern Memphis style from the 80s, but also cool, urban looks and edgy sayings that underline our individual style.

Especially during Christmas time, we seek a feeling of security inside our homes. This is exactly where our X-Mas Special comes in, which forms an integral part of our Autumn/ Winter Collection 2023. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic world of classical red/white motifs, which run like a golden thread through our X-Mas Special. The folkloric playful stag designs, complemented by matching heart pillows, thus blend in wonderfully with both the christmassy and alpine mood.

The expedition around the DF-world starts with a safari where we encounter brave lions, strong elefants, leopards and zebras. Moving on to life on farm, not only is there a lot to do, but also many things to marvel at! A very caring gardener-bear and his best friend mister rabbit look after all the vegetables and juicy cherries. They make sure that every creature – from busy bees to caterpillar and snail – feels comfortable. The overall-feeling: colourful fabrics and shapes which ensure high spirits and spread lust for life.

Introducing our new collection of cozy and stylish pet accessories! Our blankets, mats, and cushions are made of soft, durable cotton and come in a variety of fun designs. Perfect for both cats and dogs, these accessories will keep your furry friend warm and comfortable while adding a touch of personality to your home. Treat your pet to the ultimate comfort and style with our new pets collection!

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