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Let’s discover the world together with our KIDS 2022 collection! For children, anything is possible. Brave girls and boys can travel to distant fantasy lands, fly to Mars as an astronaut or confide secrets to mysterious wood elves.

Our playful shapes and motifs that stimulate the imagination invite children and parents to explore the world together.

A variety of continents and animals can be discovered on our new crawling blanket which shows a map of the world. On our journey of discovery around the world of David Fussenegger, you will meet a funny koala, a rare red panda, strong elephants, rhinos, friendly leopards and brave lions on land. In the underwater world, whales, sea turtles, penguins and polar bears are bustling around.

We saddle up the horses, hold on tight to the mane and visit our friends in the magical forest. Sheltered by this magical forest, the mysterious wood elf, the hedgehog and snail are happy to see us. There we also meet our fantastic friends, the princess and the little astronaut, who accompany us to explore new imaginary worlds together.