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A marvellous trip around the world  with the new KIDS 2021 collection.
Playful colour palettes and kid-friendly materials serve to provide a sense of security and belonging while encouraging the little ones to tackle the big things and face the world’s challenges.

As always, our themes are versatile; new patterns are accompanied by an abundance of inspiring, lovingly designed accessory ideas.

Our colourful trip around the world begins in the enchanted forest, where a friendly wolf and his friends take us on fantastic adventures. The GOLIATH series features the new “car” rug, on which we drive towards the sun and sea in a shiny blue car. Once we arrive, we dive into a fantastic underwater world with crabs, jellyfish, and starfish.

Our next trip keeps things interesting by leading us to the monkey circus, where a clever monkey performs acrobatic tricks. Inspired by the motto “Born to be wild”, we go hunting for fluffy prey in the jungle.
Don’t drop your guard; the animals are on the loose! As we make our way through the jungle undergrowth, we meet a colourful toucan, giraffes, snakes, friendly tigers, and courageous lions. A colourful rainbow guides us to the end of the world, where a cool panda in stylish black and white treats us to sweet strawberries.