Unique. High Quality.

Our SUMMER 2021 collection shows off its entire colour palette, inspired by the colours of nature, which have a magical effect on people’s feelings and thoughts. As a result, we are also more and more focusing on sustainability and recycling.

The successful recycling quality GOLIATH is available as a beach mat, carpet, rug, floor cushion, as well as a practical beach bag. As of this season, the popular NIZZA summer towels will also be made from recycled cotton.

Moreover, we are adding a summery pinstriped cushion to the series. We are now introducing the LOFT quality to our recycled collection, a cool, prewashed plaid available in stylish colours.

The designs of the “SEA & SUN” series take us to tropical lagoons and sandy beaches – with their bright yellow inviting us to bask in the sunshine in line with the motto “walk on the sunny side”.

Summer is ready to kick off not only on the beach but also in the jungle! Our “URBAN JUNGLE” theme captures fantastically dense tropical patterns and coordinates them with stylized monkeys – this theme also continues in our KIDS collection.
Our trending “URBAN CHIC” theme combines distinctive stripes with delicate flower umbels. Warm hues and grey on summery linen fabrics convey a sense of calm and relaxation.