We take care of the rest.

Something is always being left over: What you might be familiar with from tailoring clothes yourself is no different in the large, industrial manufacture of textiles. But what to do with the high-quality remnants that are still too valuable to be disposed of?

At David Fussenegger, we clearly have an answer to this question: we simply return the remnants to the cycle and turn them into individual, high-quality home textiles for “your unique home”.

High quality home textiles from recycled materials

Sustainability and recycling have been defining topics in our company for many years, most recently we were honored for our commitment with the European Green Award 2021 in the category “Interior” or with the German Design Award 2023 in the category “Excellent Product Design” for cuddly blankets made of recycled yarn.

Since 2011, all newly launched products have been made from recycled yarns. Since January 2023, we have gone one step further, so that in the future almost our entire product portfolio will be based on recycled materials. The only exceptions are products made of pure organic cotton or bamboo viscose.

The proportion of high-quality recycled yarns in the majority of our products ranges between 50 and 70 percent. For a clear conscience – and a good feeling, because you don’t have to forgo the usual DAVID FUSSENEGGER quality. That’s a big, important advantage, because despite our responsible commitment to protecting the planet, no compromises have to be made.

Maximum waste reduction

Thanks to our optimized production processes, only an extremely small amount of yarn and cutting waste is generated. This waste is by no means completely disposed of, but is reprocessed into new yarn by our European yarn suppliers.

Energy from 100% renewable sources

We have succeeded in covering our electricity requirements entirely from renewable energy sources. We generate part of it ourselves with our photovoltaic system.

Social Responsibility

We rely on the relationship with long-term suppliers from the European region, who work operate under fair working conditions just as we do. We are in permanent exchange and visit our suppliers and partners on a regular basis. Furthermore, we support social projects with donations.

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What percentage of recycled yarn do David Fussenegger products consist of?
Most of David Fussenenegger’s products are made of 85% cotton, 8% viscose and 7% polyacrylic. Depending on the product, between 50 and 70% of the fabric is made from recycled materials.

Are all products from David Fussenegger definitely made from recycled materials?
Yes, from 2023 onwards, all David Fussenegger products (except products made of organic cotton and bamboo viscose) will consist of at least 50 to 70% recycled materials.

Are David Fussenegger’s recycling products certified according to the Global Recycling Standard (GRS)?
Yes, the products are certified according to the international GRS. The certificate can be accessed and downloaded here.

Where does the recycled yarn come from?
Basically, a distinction is made between post-consumer and post-industrial waste. Since our yarn suppliers collect the waste from textile production and process it back into yarn, it is post-industrial waste. This means that we are not processing worn apparel.

Are there any quality differences to be expected compared to conventional cotton?
No. Since we have been processing all newly introduced products from recycled yarns since 2011, we can say with certainty that there are no differences in quality to worry about.