Perfect craftsmanship

For the production of our feel-good products we rely on most modern technology, experienced professionals and many skilled hands. We conceptualise the designs, and the prototypes go through several sampling stages until perfection and are then finally ready to go into series production.

Our first production process, the weaving, involves processing the materials with the help of most modern Jacquard weaving machines. Our employees pay utmost attention to ensure the needed design matches the colours. This process ensures the creation of a woven textile free of errors.

In the second step, the brushing process, our adept employees utilise all their knowledge to ensure outer seam and surface shine is flawless. We achieve these results by using our intuition, the most modern raising-machines, but also our polishing and cutting machines/tools.

During the last process of our production, we cut and finish everything by hand. We want customers to enjoy our work. Following the completion of the final quality control, we must part with our work. The lifestyle products ‘Made in Austria’ leave our company for their journey across the world.