A unique collaboration

Caputred and narrated by the Vorarlberg #zäm initiative

Within the framework of the #zäm initiative, the collaboration between David Fussenegger and the Sonne_1806 hotel in Dornbirn was reported.

#zäm is an initiative launched by Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus*, which tells stories about the use of regional products. Such a story is also told by the two business partners and friends Jürgen Spiegel (David Fussenegger) and Gerald Peter (Sonne_1806).

The team around #zäm accompanied the two in their collaboration and prepared a special story based on texts, pictures and a video, which can now be accessed here.

*in collaboration with Super Büro für Gestaltung, Markus Curin, buero balanka and Matak Studios