Unique. High Quality.

The new Fall/Winter collection 2020/2021 consists of a combination of natural and warm fall colours, as well as organic shapes with sculpturally shaped lines.

Expressionist artworks and nature’s beauty inspired our design team.
This season is all about using bold geometries, sketches, and playful blocks of colour to express personality in our homes. The aim is to evoke emotions and create atmospheric moments, which our new collections achieve definitely.

A proper eye-catcher is the Portrait series that reflects the trend of imperfection with the help of hand-drawn forms. The novel colours mustard, Milka, and black emphasise the artistic flair of these designs.
The Grafic Arts series appear linear, with its planar blocks of colours showing traces of the organic structures and irregularities of nature. The Straight Lines series is dominated by the interplay of lines and the trendy colours army, ivy, Milka and felt.

The lush floral and organic patterns on the trending topic Botanical with the cuddly velour quality SAVONA provide a contrast.
In Multi Local, regional style meets global influences – from decorative tribal and folkloristic patterns to geometric and abstract. African inspired designs stand next to watercoloured mountain landscapes and traditional alpine motifs.