Unique. High Quality.

Welcome to the world of our latest Autumn-Winter 2023/24 collection, aimed at transforming any home into a cozy oasis.

Dive into a world of stylish motifs and fascinating color combinations that characterize the new collection. You’ll not only find a pinch of modern Memphis style from the 80s, but also cool, urban looks and edgy sayings that underline our individual style.

Another highlight of the collection is the Mountain Loft style, which perfectly suits the cold season and brings a breath of fresh air into the chalets. In addition to our proven alpine classics such as stags and Norwegian patterns, you will discover many new designs for skiing aces and those who want to become one.

Especially during Christmas time, we seek a feeling of security inside our homes. This is exactly where our X-Mas Special comes in, which forms an integral part of our Autumn/Winter Collection 2023. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic world of classical red/white motifs, which run like a golden thread through our X-Mas Special. The folkloric playful stag designs, complemented by matching heart pillows, thus blend in wonderfully with both the christmassy and alpine mood.

And for those who love modern Christmas spirit, we offer a pastel colored pillow mix, which can be perfectly combined with a trendy red diagonal stripe. So you easily create a cool Christmas look that brings Love, Peace and Joy into your unique home.

Finally, we should not forget to arm ourselves against the cold drafts from door and window cracks! The new draft roller in bright red encourages us with the words “Come in” … “Keep out” to make our rooms cozy and inviting.