Back to the joy of life

with the new collections of David Fussenegger

A turbulent year is coming to an end. In the past few months, we have come to appreciate our own home more because of the lockdown and homeworking. Much has also happened in terms of design this year. Exciting product ranges, sustainability and recycling play a substantial role.

Our SUMMER 2021 collection shows off its entire colour palette, inspired by the colours of nature, which have a magical effect on people’s feelings and thoughts. As a result, we are also more and more focusing on sustainability and recycling.

“The ordinary gives the world its existence; the extraordinary gives it its value.” This idea sparked the creation of the new BASIC 2021 collection. As usual, we have focused on our bestsellers and the extensive unicoloured range, around which we have once again designed exciting and innovative themes.

A marvellous trip around the world – KIDS 2021. Playful colour palettes and kid-friendly materials serve to provide a sense of security and belonging while encouraging the little ones to tackle the big things and face the world’s challenges. As always, our themes are versatile; new patterns are accompanied by an abundance of inspiring, lovingly designed accessory ideas.

Curious? All current collections are available here.