Every crisis bears an opportunity – picnic blankets for the regional project “Vorarlberg Culture Picnic”

22. June 2020

Due to the ongoing corona-pandemic and the lockdown which followed many local cultural events had to be cancelled as a consequence.

The Bodensee-Vorarlberg tourism has therefore initiated the project „Vorarlberg Culture Picnic“ in cooperation with the platform Kultur & Tourismus and Vorarlberg Tourism.

From July until September 2020 artists of all genres are given a stage to perform and present a cultural summer program to both locals and visitors.

Joining in with the Vorarlberg Tourism Association we have developed and manufactured a picnic blanket and snack bag in record time.

We feel very honoured and proud to be part of this project which –  judging by all the positive reactions  – has been extraordinarily well received so far.

You like the idea? Follow the link for more information: https://www.bodensee-vorarlberg.com/geschichten/vorarlberger-kulturpicknick/

Images: © Mathis Fotografie GmbH