LOFT to win the European Green Award 2021

Coziness, urban lifestyle and climate protection: a true one-stop-shopping experience.

The European Green Award celebrates outstanding results in sustainable developments and hands out awards to enterprises and individuals who serve as role model and source of inspiration for excellently sustainable solutions.

One such product is our very own honeycomb-woven plaid LOFT. The raw materials for the recycling-yarn used in this product originate from clippings in the ready-made clothing industry. Those clippings are collected, sorted by colour and subsequently shredded to fibre material in a special process. These differently coloured filbres are then again mixed to a colour of choice and in a last step spun to yarn again. Yearlong engagement and a lot of research and developement are finally being rewarded with the European Green Award 2021 in the category „Interior“.

We are utterly excited and are very proud to be holder of this meaningful and trendsetting award.

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