Medical mouth-nose-masks “made in Vorarlberg”

21. April 2020

David Fussenegger fertigt im Rahmen eines Vorarlberger Konsortiums um Günter Grabher die „VorProtect“ medizinische Mund-Nasen-Masken „Made in Vorarlberg“

Within the framework of a local consortium surrounding initiator Günter Grabher, David Fussenegger is now also manufacturing medicinal mouth-nose-masks “made in Vorarlberg”. The project runs under the name “VorProtect” (Vor stands for our region of Vorarlberg)

Solidarity and cooperation are more important than ever in times like these! Subsequently some of Vorarlberg’s top-rated textile companies have teamed up to develop and produce a protective facemask “made in Vorarlberg” at record speed. Those masks offer much needed and optimal protection to doctors, care givers, nurses and police officers.

Not only a speedy implementation of this project was task and goal, the participants also strived for a sustainable solution. And so this certified medicinal mouth-nose-mask which qualifies as type FFP2 standard is also washable at 60°C and therefore reusable and still offers full protection. Our team at David Fussenegger is very proud to be part of this project. The ladies in our sewing department have been tailoring those masks. That’s our small contribution to fight this currently ongoing pandemic. For more information follow the link

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