Tendence, Frankfurt

12. February 2020

Until recently, this trade fair has traditionally been our most important autumn/winter exhibition. Tens of thousands of visitors came to see and order new products. Unfortunately, Tendence suffered from negative developments in past years. The official statistics claimed only 15,000 trade visitors.

Nevertheless, our booth was busy as ever, for the first time customers as well as interested people could see the two new ranges made from recycled cotton – rugs and bedding. Our exciting additions to the fall/winter range was well received and encouraged a multitude of customers to place their orders immediately.

For Sonja Ladstätter – it was the last trade fair in her function as our longtime head-of-deisgn. However, she surely will not be retiring – thank you Sonja for all your creativity and commitment in the last 20+ years!

Let us see what Tendence organisers will undertake to revive this traditional trade fair – we would love to be part of it again in 2020!